Social Bookmarking Submission

What is Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a process of marking any information or webpage you like. It stores the webpage at some other website to be reviewed later. It enables to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Social bookmarking makes it easy to share your favourite web URLs. You can build a network of other users you want to share bookmarks with anyone on the Web.

The very basic understanding behind social bookmarking is about people submitting a link, a small description, a few tags, and then other people getting to see those things. Tags are single-word descriptors that help social bookmark systems categorize content so that you and other users can find it.

The social media submission procedure is manual and gets scrutinized properly before listing. By submitting your site in the bookmarking sites, you are most likely to get indexed in search engines.

The submission of a web site includes details: site address (URL), email address of the person submitting link and description. In the description the website owner has to enter a site title (site title is different from the URL) that contains keywords from website. The social media submission generates backlink for you that improve your search engine rankings.

Benefits of Social bookmarking:

      1. Tagging in social bookmarking enables users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways.
      2. The description option for the bookmarked site can be put in the form of metadata.
      3. Give us full independence on how we want to share the link making the bookmarks private or public.
      4. Helps you in getting instant traffic on your site by his powerful social media factor.
      5. Faster indexing by search engines.
      6. Link building Going viral.